New Jersey Transit Bus Service

New Jersey Transit will have additional buses on standby to provide supplemental service from the South Orange train station bus stop located on Sloan Street between Second and Third streets with express service to PABT should overcrowding arise on the 107 route.

New Jersey Transit will maintain additional buses on standby at Newark Penn Station to accommodate increased demand on the 108 line as needed.

New Jersey Transit will add additional service on the 126 line from Hoboken to PABT with the focus on midpoint stops between 9th and 19th streets traveling toward PABT, and maintain additional buses on standby to accommodate times of increased demand.

New Jersey Transit has contracted with private bus carriers to provide supplemental bus service from Newark Broad St. rail station, boarding at University Ave., with express service to PABT as demand warrants. This supplemental service will only operate as needed during the morning from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tickets containing Hoboken as the final destination will be cross-honored on this bus service.

Private Bus Carrier Service

New Jersey Transit tickets to and from New York
will be cross-honored by the following private bus carriers:

(800) 631-1281

Lakeland Bus Lines
(973) 366-0600

Community Transit (Coach USA)
(201) 225-7500